we Print. Copy. Design.


When you need to print something, you can easily bring your art in on a thumb drive, disk or you can simply email it to us.  Once we have the art we can go over with you what needs to be done.  We can quickly print out what you need. Or if you need to make a minor change- we can help.  We can also do a complete overhaul if you want to start fresh.

If you need to print out of your business proposal on fancy glossy paper - we can do that.

We can print your architectural drawings out on our large format printer.

We keep a wide variety of papers in stock.  We have on hand glossy, matte, dull and a whole bunch of uncoated papers.  The Office has large sheets of semi-gloss and matte sticker paper.  To put on bags, wine bottles and much more.  Of course we have a huge selection of labels.  We have many different weights of paper.  We can cut it to size, the size you need. If we don’t have it, we’ll special order it for you.  We have books and books of sample papers to choose from.

We offer package deals on certain items:
  • Posters, menus and take out menus.
  • Business cards, memo pads, letter head
  • All sorts of combinations