we Print. Copy. Design.


We can print 30 copies of your 300 page document.  And we can do it quickly.  If your project needs to be collated-we can do that.  Single sided, double-sided, b&w or color-we can do that.

We have over 40 machines in this store.  If your project needs to looks its best we can help.  We can coil bind it.  We can comb bind it.  Or we can Velo bind it.  Either way, it will look perfect.

Three of our machines are different kinds of laminators.  We can laminate your 30”x40” poster with a beautiful 5m gloss.  Or we can laminate your new menu with a classy 3mm matte.  We laminate business cards all the time using a 1.7mm matte. 

We can score the paper in preparation for folding (scoring prior to folding makes the fold crisp and neat). Sometimes a customer might ask us to make badges for an event.  This calls for printing, laminating, cutting and the final step of putting a hole in each badge-we can do that.